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Design for Motion

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

What is Motion Design? Almost everything that includes motion and a graphic element is Motion Graphics. So, if Motion Graphics means Graphics in Motion, does every graphics or every motion works the best? Let's dive deeper to find out.

1-Definition of Design for Motion

Design for motion is the art of combining image-making and storytelling to convey ideas. Each project needs a style suited to the message. A strong concept, a visual style, a story are needed for a project output and distribution.

A certain amount of planning is essential before start creating motion. I start developing concepts with various techniques such as research, mind-mapping and sketching.


2-Planning for a Motion Design Project

Why planning your Motion Graphics project is important?

According to Dr. Jordan Peterson, creativity is exploring a new territory and thinking outside of the box. Creative people are more open to new experiences and more interested in estatics. However, more openness brings chaos. It is the curse of being a creative person; (exploring new ideas and new territories but) not having a control over what spesificly they want and therefor not understanding what their clients want. If you are a creative person and can't stop the monkey in your mind jumping around different concepts and tools, bear with me.

So how do we plan for a good motion graphics video?

First, I start focusing on the client brand guidelines. Who is the client? What do they want? What am I making for them? Before going deeply into planning, these needs to be examined. Using the brand colours and the style is crucial. I also check out the projects they've done in the past to see if there is more information about their brand style.

Secondly, clarify the brief with the client. Communication while designing is the key to avoid any problems understanding the brief. If you need more information and not enough asking questions about the project can cause misunderstanding the brief, also asking too much questions can overwhelm the client. Ask them wisely.

Lastly, using the right tools. I use Notion to collect my thoughts on basically everything. Notion also helps me to shcedule my time, making a to-do list, collaborating with team members. I also use Miro for mind-mapping. It helps me form an improved understanding of complex issues. Brainstorming is the ignition of the creative engine.

and to create design board to explore what emotions I want to give to the audience via colour, style, concept.

Tip: Brainstorming in Miro



Nothing is original. What is original? Originality is undetected plagiarism. - William Ralph Inge

Mood-boarding is important because it helps you and your client align on a creative voice. Keeping the style consistent.



Styleframing is basically just a little bit of a sample of what could the project look like. It is to show the client the mood and feel of project, potentially what the style direction is going to look.

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